Mission & Vision

At Public Media Company, our mission is to cultivate vibrant local media that informs, connects, and inspires communities. We believe that local media plays a vital role in community life, as a trusted source of news, education, music, and public discourse for people of all ages. We want every community across the country to be enriched by local media, and we want to be both a catalyst and facilitator of this vision.


Strong Communities - Essential for a healthy society and a functioning democracy, strong communities are comprised of informed and engaged people capable of forging connections, working together so that all voices are heard, solving problems, and participating fully in civic life.

Independent Media - We believe that all people should benefit from local mission-driven media dedicated to connecting, informing, and celebrating the communities they serve.

Belonging - We believe that organizations thrive when people feel a sense of belonging, when all voices are heard and represented, and when individuals come together to learn, celebrate, and act on behalf of shared needs.

Relationships - We forge and maintain meaningful relationships with one another and the people we serve; relationships based on respect, empathy, equity, and honest dialogue.

Learning - We are committed to building and sharing the knowledge and experience needed to serve the needs of media organizations and local communities.

Collaboration - We recognize the strength of partnerships and teamwork, as well as the power of a diversity of thought and experience. We seek opportunities to connect with people and organizations that share our vision and values.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan details how we are working to strengthen local media. Click on the image below to read PMC's 2024-27 strategic plan in full.