About Us

At Public Media Company, our mission is to foster sustainable and innovative public
media to amplify local voices and culture.

Founded in 2001 by Station Resource Group, Public Media Company is a national nonprofit strategic consulting company that fosters public media growth. Public Media Company was founded as a 501(c)3 for the purpose of strengthening and expanding public broadcasting services in communities nationwide so that people have greater program choices for in-depth information; national, regional and local news; and diverse music and cultural programming. Since then, Public Media Company has advised more than 300 public television and radio stations and independent media organizations on a variety of strategic initiatives that drive innovative, sustainable public media growth.

To learn more about Public Media Company, please read our FAQ and Capabilities sheet.

“Hiring Public Media Company was like pooling together the best services and resources of the industry to help plan WCLK’s future....”


Our Funding Partners

We are grateful to our many funding partners through the years, some of whom are listed below, for their generous support of our mission to foster innovative and sustainable public media growth.