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Who We Are

Public Media Company is a team of consultants dedicated to helping our clients grow. We have decades of experience working in and for public media as well as deep expertise in nonprofit business, finance, strategy, and leadership. We understand the changing world of media and technology and work every day to help make public media stronger in local communities all across the country, regardless of size or wealth. Meet our team...

            Our Impact

Public Media Company works in partnership with stations in urban and rural communities to find innovative solutions and grow local impact.

 Our work helps public media organizations grow through strategic and financial clarity, analytical insight, organizational improvement, and by helping solve local and national problems.
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What Clients Say

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"PRX, PRI and WGBH each trusted Public Media Company to work with each organization’s management teams and boards; facilitating wide-ranging discussions and guiding us through the complex process of becoming a unified entity. Public Media Company was critical in getting this deal to a successful outcome."

ROGER LAMAY, WXPN General Manager and NPR Board Chair

“Public Media company has grown to be an important and crucial resource for leading stations across the country. At a time when the future of public media is less than a foregone conclusion, Public Media Company has become an essential partner to entrepreneurial outlets in planning and executing growth strategies. Their expertise in station acquisition has enabled the system to grow its national reach and impact."

BRENDA BARNES, CEO of Classical King in Seattle, and former President of KUSC – Los Angeles

“When we acquired the commercial station that became KDFC, Public Media Company was a trusted advisor. They helped us build administrative and financial systems from scratch and integrate them seamlessly into the KUSC/USC systems. We could not have accomplished what we did without their assistance.”

SYLVIA KOMATSU, Chief Content Officer, KERA, North Texas Public Broadcasting

“Public Media Company’s work developing a sustainable business plan for a state-wide Texas News Hub has been invaluable. We simply would not be where we are now without Public Media Company’s expertise and guidance.”

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