In urban and rural areas, and for every listener, viewer or user, public media institutions enrich the lives of people and meet the needs of local communities nationwide. At Public Media Company, we value what you make possible for the communities you serve — and we want to help you become even stronger.

With our expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, we are here to help you thrive and take public media into its next era.

Strategic Consulting Services

Public Media Company helps you develop the organizational clarity and capabilities needed for long-term success. As a nonprofit, we know what it means to be a mission-driven organization, and we align that with years of collective experience of working in public media and strategy development to help you identify and achieve your station and community goals. We work with station leadership, governing entities and other local stakeholders to identify key areas for growth and develop strategic and operating plans that enable public media companies to achieve meaningful impact now and in the future. For more information, please email Steve Holmes at

Facilitating Mergers, Acquisitions & Partnerships

Public Media Company is your partner of choice when acquiring a new station, merging with another organization or establishing a strategic partnership. We are exclusively dedicated to serving the needs of public media organizations and have helped guide stations throughout the transaction process since the day we were founded.

Public Media Company has an established record of working with organizations to plan and launch a range of partnerships and mergers to meet audience needs, grow revenue, create efficiencies, and develop new content and services to better serve communities.

We evaluate the viability of potential opportunities with financial forecasts and comprehensive business modeling; assist with board presentations; and manage the negotiations, legal deliberations and due diligence processes. We bring the knowledge, relationships, and experience you need to make your growth and collaboration ambitions a reality. For more information, please email Carlos Barrionuevo at

Business Planning & Analysis

We help you identify and evaluate strategic business opportunities for increased growth and impact. Through operational assessments, in-depth market studies and detailed financial analyses, we have helped more than 350 public broadcasting organizations make informed decisions about their financial futures.

Public Media Company analyzes data sources to ensure you have the understanding and insight needed to identify and evaluate new business opportunities and advance your station’s health and impact, tapping our vast expertise to ensure that our clients make the best investment decisions for their station and the community. For more information, please email Alison Scholly at

Sustainable Content Models

Public Media Company’s business planning extends to content-centered enterprises, such as podcasts, journalism collaborations, online news sites, and public radio programs. We give guidance on multiplatform strategies and the revenue and expenses required to support growth and sustainability over time.

Public Media Company has experience with audience analysis, product development, and the economics of newsgathering. We work with clients to identify best practices for revenue development used by other successful non-profit content enterprises and make recommendations on how to implement those strategies. For more information, please email Alison Scholly at

Virtual Accounting Services

Public Media Company provides public media organizations with confidential, cost-effective budgeting, accounting, financial and management reporting, CPB filings and other related accounting services. We customize our services based on the needs of your organization. For more information, please email Erin Moran at

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Station Valuations

Public Media Company, we have the experience, insight and tools to assess the value of a public broadcasting license. We provide the support and guidance needed to make informed decisions to enable you to achieve your community service goals.

Whether you need objective insight for a station sale, acquisition or lease, data for an audit or marketing campaign, leverage to finance a big project, or analysis for a new partnership, we have the experience and expertise required to fully assess the value of commercial and non-commercial stations, including your own.

We consider all relevant extrinsic and intrinsic factors when valuing a station and provide the support and guidance you need. We also provide a full range of representative services to help guide you through the transaction process for purchases, sales and partnerships. Click here for more information or email Evran Kavlak at to request a valuation.

Financial Analysis Reports

Public Media Company’s Station Financial Analysis Reports provide industry leaders with insight and understanding of their financial health and sustainability. The report is designed for radio, television, and joint licensee organizations. Use the data in your report to glean a long- and short-term snapshot of financial performance, recommendations, insights into potential solutions, and a concise analysis to help you communicate with others. For more information, please email Steve Holmes at

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We know that meeting the changing needs of your community requires continuous investment and, as the nation’s leading advisor in securing financing for public media organizations, we’re uniquely qualified to connect you to the funding you need to increase your local impact. One option is our Public Media Bond Program, which provides access to affordable, long-term financing options.

Whether you’re acquiring a station, constructing a new building, purchasing new equipment or funding a program expansion, Public Media Company works with you every step of the way to identify and secure financing solutions that meet your unique needs and circumstances.

Since 2001, Public Media Company has successfully completed 31 public media financings worth $120 million. For more information, please email Evran Kavlak at

Impact for All

Impact for All is a grant-funded initiative that provides small and unique public radio and television stations with customized insight into their organization and an actionable plan for increased growth and local impact. We believe that all organizations, regardless of size, deserve access to the insights and solutions they need to strengthen their services and succeed in their local communities. Thanks to generous support from the Rogers Family Foundation, Wyncote Foundation, and FJC – A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds, we've made this a reality for 10 local public media organizations in 2022!

Learn more about the initiative on our Impact for All page or by contacting Steve Holmes at