Financial Analysis Reports

Understand your performance

Our report provides you with a multi-year picture of your station’s financial performance in easy-to-read charts as well as analysis and recommendations from Public Media Company managers with decades of experience analyzing station finances.

Benchmark against peers

We also provide more context for your financial performance by comparing your 10-year trends with relevant public media peers so that you can understand how you compare with organizations like your own. We also help you understand your local market by providing demographic insights into the population you serve.

Find solutions

Our report goes beyond the numbers and provides you with insight into potential solutions for growing your local impact and financial sustainability.

Communicate your story

The concise and easy-to-understand report can also be used to help communicate insights about your organization to your board, university leadership, your staff and others – helping your stakeholders better understand how they can help support your future growth.

Download a free sample report

Download a sample of the report to see how station financial performance is analyzed across multiple years and departments and how the data is compared with the most relevant peer organizations across public media.

Download sample report

Pricing for all

We believe that all stations should have the insight they need to provide impactful public media services for their local communities. Pricing has been designed so that all stations, regardless of size, can benefit from the full report. Request a quote

Got questions?

For more information about the report, please contact Steve Holmes.