Impact for All: Sample Reports & More

The Impact for All initiative provides 3 customized data reports and a final deck with recommendations and next steps for growth. Click on the images above to view sample reports and keep reading to see the full ranges of deliverables and insights you'll receive.


See a multi-year picture of your station’s financial performance in easy-to-read charts looking across your entire organization. The Financial Analysis Report also helps you understand your local market by providing demographic insights into the population you serve.

Download a free sample of the Financial Analysis Report


Our reports compare your trends with relevant public media peers to help you understand your performance relative to others. This includes a Comparable Analysis Report that analyzes all data on a per capita basis, providing a fairer peer comparison.

Download a free sample of the Comparable Analysis Report


We also analyze your audience data to gain more insight into the people that you reach and engage across all relevant platforms. This is done using Nielsen, Google Analytics, and social media data to study your audience analytics compared with relevant peer organizations. (Note: Public Media Company is reliant on the client organization to provide relevant Nielsen and Google Analytics data.)

Download a free sample of the Media Metrics Report


We look beyond your organization and study the environment in which you operate. This provides more insight into the changing media and technology world, including public media, and the developments that are influencing user behavior and impacting your organization.

We also analyze the latest potential impacts of COVID-19 and ensure that diversity and equity is a key component of your organizational thinking.


The analytical insights are summarized in a deck that includes our overall findings as well as specific recommendations and next steps to help you grow your local impact and financial sustainability.

The deck can also be used to help build understanding and obtain support from your board, university leaders, donors, foundations, and other stakeholders.


Being part of the Impact for All initiative means being part of something bigger than yourself. It is an opportunity to better understand and connect with organizations like yours and learn from others that are also part of the initiative.


Contact Steve Holmes to learn more and be part of the Impact for All initiative.