5 Stations Explore Advantages of Collaboration in Kentucky

Louisville Public Media, licensee of WFPL 89.3, is one of the five Kentucky stations working with Public Media Company to explore ways to collaborate for greater public service and more efficiency to ensure public media keeps the Bluegrass State informed and connected. Public Media Company is working with these stations to explore the advantages of collaboration over competition in strengthening local programming and services. In Phase I, PMC provided a detailed analysis of the stations’ historical financials, comparable performance metrics, individual and consolidated business models, and led a station convening. With funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PMC is currently working with these five stations to carry out the second phase of the “The Kentucky Collaboration.”

“This collaborative effort (among public media outlets) gives us a unique opportunity to help shape a positive future for the Commonwealth that we serve and provide our audiences the best possible combination of services and programming.”
– David Brinkley, General Manager, WKU Public Broadcasting