Channel X Announces New MacArthur Foundation Support, Continues Strong Growth

Boulder, Colorado – June 21, 2016: Channel X has received a multi-year $490,000
grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in support of plans to
expand its public media content exchange. The grant will enable Channel X to continue
growing its video sharing platform by bringing in more news reporting, station-produced
programming and independent film, while helping public media stations serve their
communities with digital streaming services.

Channel X is the innovative video exchange service that enables journalists, filmmakers
and documentarians to submit news reports, films, TV shows and multimedia content
packages for licensing and distribution by broadcasters. More than sixty broadcasters
have signed up for the service and public media producers, journalists and storytellers
are uploading innovative and diverse work that is being shared across the country on
broadcast and digital platforms.

“Audiences depend on public radio and television to deliver compelling, fact-based
journalism wherever they are,” said Morgan Holm, Senior VP and Chief Content Officer
at Oregon Public Broadcasting. “Increasingly, this means offering more stories that can
be consumed online and on mobile devices. Channel X provides us with a national
platform to collaborate in producing and sharing such content so that we can better
serve our communities.”

In partnership with some of the country’s leading public broadcasters, Channel X is
paving the way for collaborative video journalism production and distribution, allowing
meaningful content to be easily licensed and shared with a few clicks. According to
Michael Murphy, VP of Broadcasting for KCPT, “Channel X’s cloud-based exchange
allows me to browse video assets, both long and short-format. The ease of licensing,
mixed with the ease of downloading those assets, means Channel X has the potential to
play a key role in serving our local audiences in new and unique ways.”

Channel X, which is led by digital journalism veteran Alison Scholly, has seen a surge of
fresh content on a wide variety of topics, ranging from threats to the honeybee, electric
vehicle innovations, millennial voter initiatives and even “invasive-species cuisine.”
Much of the shorter news reports on the site come from a partnership with the Local
Journalism Centers, a national network of specialty reporting desks including EarthFix,
Fronteras, Harvest Public Media, Innovation Trail and Inside Energy, which are funded
in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in cooperation with partner stations.

In addition to the registered public broadcast outlets using the site, the indie film
community has also started to participate, with Journeyman Pictures and Quoted
Studios recently uploading films. The site’s growing inventory and ease of use is a great
option for busy public media producers who are eager for high quality, diverse content
that’s simple to license.

About Channel X:
Channel X is a service of Public Media Company, a nonprofit organization dedicated to
innovation and the future of public media. Channel X enables creators to upload video
and multimedia content for discovery and licensing by public media broadcasters. Our
vision is to simplify the process of getting independent local and regional content flowing
through public media channels by providing a persistent and accessible platform. With
the generous support of the Wyncote Foundation, the Knight Foundation and MacArthur
Foundation, Channel X makes it possible for public broadcasting to discover new, nontraditional and inspiring stories. For more information, visit