FCC to Hold Auction for Radio Construction Permits in 2021 

The FCC recently announced an auction of 136 FM and AM broadcast construction permits across the country and is currently seeking comment on the competitive bidding procedures. This auction may seem familiar; the auction was slated to take place last year, but was delayed due to the pandemic.  Auction 109 is scheduled to commence on July 27, 2021 and you can see the complete list of the construction permits here or check out the map below which we’ve created to help you review what might be near your station. (Note: Most of these signals are in small to mid-sized markets…think states with “open” space.)

If your station is interested in any of these construction permits, we can create coverage maps to show the proposed coverage area of the signals of interest, and how they compare to your existing signals, help you determine a target price, and assess revenue potential. Email Evran Kavlak to learn more.

And if this auction is not right for you, we can do a market scan to identify what signals in your community might be most compelling to acquire and increase your local impact.