Watch our Public Media Company Webinar on the Future of Local News

On May 11, 2023, Public Media Company hosted the following webinar. You can watch it here, or download the slides. Email Alison Scholly ( with questions or comments.

Future of Public Media, Newspapers and Local News: Case Studies from Maine and Central Pennsylvania

PMC Webinar deck Future of Public Media Newspapers and Local News | Click here for the presentation video

What’s the state of the local news ecosystem in your community? Is your station evolving to meet the demand for local news and cultural reporting?

Public media organizations are increasingly being asked to play a lead role in their local media ecosystem, which may include running a newspaper or becoming the largest locally-owned media outlet in the region.

Recent case studies in Central Pennsylvania (WITF and LNP/Lancaster Online) and the Maine Journalism Foundation will highlight two organizations invigorating a region’s local news and information ecosystem — with community leaders playing a central organizing role.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Ron Hetrick, CEO of WITF and Emily Barr of Maine Journalism Foundation (and formerly President and CEO of Graham Media Group) on their efforts to galvanize community support and forge a model for public and independent media to follow across the country.