WITF and LNP | LancasterOnline Forge New Model for Local News, Community Education and Civic Engagement in Central Pennsylvania

LNP Media Group, owned by Steinman Communications Inc., and WITF today announced that together the two organizations are forging a new model for local news, community education and civic engagement in Central Pennsylvania. 

Steinman Communications, which is owned by the Steinman family, is gifting LNP to WITF as a capstone to the family’s two centuries of community service and philanthropy. As a result of the transaction, WITF and LNP will become a single mission-driven and sustainable enterprise.

 With support from The Steinman Foundation, WITF also is establishing The Steinman Institute for Civic Engagement to support local journalism, education and community engagement. 

 Public Media Company played a critical role in helping these two outstanding local media organizations come together. To learn more about what this means for Central Pennsylvania, visit WITF – LNP web site.