Public Radio Capital establishes $100k Revolving Public Media Fund with FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds

Public media organizations can apply for funds that will underwrite 2/3rds of in-depth PRC consultancies aimed at growth strategies

Boulder, Colo.—(Nov. 12, 2012) Public Radio Capital (PRC) today announced that New York based nonprofit FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds has established a $100k fund at PRC to spur growth and innovation in public broadcasting. The Revolving Public Media Fund (RPMF) will initially subsidize PRC’s work with five public broadcasters committed to transformative change to improve and grow their services. Through an application process, selected organizations will receive $30k in PRC consulting and strategic planning services. The RPMF will cover $20k of the cost, and the selected organizations must be willing to commit to an additional $10k investment in the PRC consultancy. A portion of PRC fees generated from projects seeded by the RPMF will be reinvested to perpetuate the RPMF. PRC – RPMF Press Release RPMF Application