Announcing the Release of Public Radio Capital 2012 Annual Report


Following is an excerpt of the newly released Public Radio Capital 2012 Annual Report: Since 2001, Public Radio Capital has provided consulting services to more than 275 public media organizations. The result: more than 66 million people have access to public radio and TV stations that are more robust, sustainable, and attuned to community interests. In 2012, PRC helped clients in 9 acquisition and financing transactions (including loans from the Public Radio Fund) valued at $31.965 million. PRC consulted with 22 other clients providing a range of services including license valuations, operational assessments and expansion opportunity modeling. In addition, an end of year grant in 2011 of $150,000 from the Open Society Institute enabled PRC in 2012 to assist 2 minority ownership organizations in business planning and service strategies, and a grant from FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds has established a $100,000 fund at PRC to spur growth and innovation in public broadcasting.

Read PRC’s 2012 Annual Report.

“Public Radio Capital Stayed Busy in 2012,” according to Tom Taylor NOW, a Daily Radio Management Newsletter, 05/13/13, vol. 2, issue 92. Read article.