Public TV Station Coalition Formed to Plan for Conversion to ATSC 3.0


A group of public TV stations have formed the Public Media Venture Group, which aims to explore operating models and revenue opportunities around the conversion to ATSC 3.0 next-generation broadcast protocol.

The coalition says it will coordinate plans for an effective shift to ATSC 3.0, as well as focus on a variety of efforts including emergency communications, increased program streams, and revenue-generating joint ventures and partnerships. The group also indicates it will seek to collaborate with commercial groups to establish single frequency network facilitates and maintenance of ATSC 1.0 service.

So far, 18 public broadcasters are participating in the group: Alabama Public Television, Iowa Public Television, KCET in California, KVIE in California, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Nebraska Network, Nine Network of Public Media in Missouri, Mountain PBS in Colorado, UNC-TV in North Carolina, Utah Education Network, Vegas PBS in Nevada, WCTE in Tennessee, WFYI in Indiana, WGBH in Massachusetts, WJCT in Florida, WNET in New York, WOSU in Ohio, and WTTW in Illinois.