New Owners and Operators in the State of New Jersey

Public Media Company assisted the State of New Jersey to implement the State of New Jersey Broadcast Act, which mandated outsourcing the operation of the state’s public television network and selecting buyers for the state’s public radio stations. PMC was hired as financial advisor to help write the requests for proposals, evaluate potential candidates and assist as a consultant during final negotiations. New York’s WNET will operate the New Jersey Television network for the next five years. New York Public Radio, which operates WNYC and WQXR, acquired four state-owned radio licenses while Philadelphia public broadcaster WHYY bought the remaining five radio licenses. Several of these newly operated stations are creatively positioned to offer additional Jersey-focused news and cultural programming, improving public media services for the people in New Jersey.

“Public Media Company’s expertise was well-rounded and impressive. PMC understands the value of a license, how to operate a station and they also know the players in the field. It is remarkable what we were able to accomplish in only six months. Without PMC, this process would have been extremely difficult.”
– Gregg Edwards, Director of Policy and Planning, State of New Jersey