Webinar: Opportunities to Apply for New FCC Stations

From our recent Webinar:

The FCC plans to host not one, but two opportunities to secure a broadcast license in your community in 2021. It has scheduled in July 2021 an auction for open allotments and expired construction permits, and is opening the first FM noncommercial filing window in over a decade on November 2, 2021. Public Media Company’s Evran Kavlak and FCC Attorney Melodie Virtue of Foster Garvey, both active in previous FCC license auctions and NCE filing windows, walked webinar attendees through the steps necessary to determine if participating in these upcoming opportunities for your station and best practices of how to pursue this exploration.

Click here for slides of the presentation |Click here for presentation video

Want to know about these and other upcoming opportunities? Just drop an email to Director Evran Kavlak.