Strengthening Local News via Regional Journalism Collaborations in Public Media recently highlighted a series of journalism collaborations that have sprung up across the country in recent years. These journalism collaborations, which were launched in partnership with NPR,  are located in Texas (the Texas Newsroom), California (the California Newsroom) and most recently the Gulf States (the Gulf States Newsroom). Read the full article here.

Public Media Company has played a crucial role as a planning partner for all these collaborations, plus a few more: We were part of the planning for the Kentucky Public Radio collaboration in 2016, and also worked with public media stations in New England News Collaborative on their expansion plans. If you are considering formulating a collaborative journalism entity, Public Media Company can help make sure that you have a vision, operating structure and sustainable business model to ensure your collaboration’s long-term success. Reach out to Alison Scholly, Managing Director of Public Media Company to learn more.