Music X Project – In the News

musicxpic070914After its enthusiastic welcome from the crowd at WXPN’s 2014 Non-COMMvention, the Music X Project continues to build momentum and not just in public media circles. Following are a few recent articles.

Music X Project widens local artists’ reach –
Elise Reuter of Kansas City Business Journal recounts how it works, “Music X’s main website will show top videos nationwide, but each station will have its own channel with content specific to their respective audiences. Stations will upload live in-studio recordings and concerts to the site, which are curated by local program directors. Participating stations can broadcast this content on air, while online users have the option to purchase or download featured songs.” Read full article>

Alt-music public radio forming Web network
John Timpane of The Philadelphia Inquirer interviews PMC Managing Director Erik Langner about the ease of use of this platform for music lovers everywhere and also how stations will benefit from using one another’s videos. “A station on the other coast might say, ‘This band is coming here. Let’s pull that video from Philly or from South by Southwest, and run it on our local site,’ ” says Langner. Read full article>

“Music X Project” new music video platform launching
Carl Marcucci of Radio Business Report provides this RBR-TVBR observation,“KCRW’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic,” for example, has live bands perform almost on a daily basis in the studio. They’ve done it for years. These stations together represent some of the most respected full-market public radio signals in the country and already probably have a lot of video from AAA and Indie bands coming through. … Commercial stations should take note, as it appears public radio is capitalizing more than ever on new music discovery.” Read full article>

Music X Project is funded by Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The CMS platform is supported by Channel X grants from the Wyncote and MacArthur Foundations.  For more information on Music X Project read the Press Release – Public Media Stations Announce Plans for New Music Discovery Video Platform, visit our Products page and sign up for updates at