Texas Public Radio Stations and NPR Launch Collaborative Statewide Newsroom

“Texas Standard” reporter Joy Diaz interviews a man for a story. Source: KUT 90.5

The four largest public radio stations in Texas – KERA-Dallas; KUT-Austin; Houston Public Media, and Texas Public Radio in San Antonio are the first stations in the U.S. to launch a collaborative statewide newsroom in conjunction with NPR. Public Media Company helped the founding stations work with NPR to develop a business plan to ensure long-term sustainability of this state-wide reporting organization in Texas.

“Public Media Company’s work developing a sustainable business plan for a state-wide Texas News Hub has been invaluable. We simply would not be where we are now without PMC’s expertise and guidance.” – Sylvia Komatsu, Chief Content Officer, KERA – North Texas Public Broadcasting

Read the full announcement at Austin’s NPR station, KUT 90.5.