Public Media Company Names Erin Moran President

Public Media Company is pleased to announce Erin Moran as its next President.

New Public Media President Erin Moran

Erin Moran has a long history at Public Media Company, joining the nonprofit strategic advisory firm in 2002 as the principal advisor on financial matters. She has served as interim President since April 2019, when Public Media Company announced that co-Founder and CEO, Marc Hand, was leaving to run the Public Media Venture Group, a separate nonprofit focused on opportunities inherent in Next Gen TV.

“Erin Moran has been an outstanding steward of Public Media Company for more than 17 years,” said Teresa Bryce Bazemore, Board Chair of Public Media Company. “Her vision, deep knowledge of nonprofit media models, and commitment to strengthening public broadcasting organizations’ financial sustainability made it an easy decision for our Board to elect her as the next leader of Public Media Company.”

Public Media Company’s core strategic consulting services include rigorous business analysis and advising on strategic growth opportunities. Founded in 2001 by 50 public radio general managers, Public Media Company (formerly Public Radio Capital) uses its extensive understanding of successful nonprofit media models to help local station leaders and boards position their media outlets for greater impact. Over its 18-year history, Public Media Company has worked with over 300 public media organizations in all 50 states. The demand for Public Media Company’s work has increased as more civic leaders see the value of expanding public media in the wake of the declines in local media, newspapers, radio and TV stations.

As President of Public Media Company, Erin will focus on forging new partnerships and initiatives to build the overall growth and sustainability of public media, advising public and independent media on the financial and operational steps to executing strategic initiatives, and educating advocates about the unique role that Public Media Company plays in keeping public media strong.  Her expertise is rooted in more than 30 years of advisory and financial oversight roles and extensive experience as a key consultant to many growing nonprofits in public media and as a senior executive of an international leasing firm.

“Erin knows the ins and outs of operating start-ups and growing businesses,” said Brenda Barnes, CEO of Classical King in Seattle, and former President of KUSC – Los Angeles, which also operated KDFC, the classical station in San Francisco. “When we acquired the commercial station that became KDFC, Erin was a trusted advisor and hands-on consultant. She helped us build administrative and financial systems from scratch and integrate them seamlessly into the KUSC/University of Southern California systems. We could not have accomplished what we did without her assistance.”

Erin has served in the role of CFO for not only Public Media Company, but also KDFC-FM (San Francisco), WMVY-FM (Cape Cod), KRCL-FM (Salt Lake City), Radio Ambulante (New York) and VuHaus Corp. In 2007 she co-led the creation of the Public Radio Fund, an $8 million program-related Investment fund to facilitate greater financial strength and capacity at public radio institutions around the country. On a day-to-day basis, Erin leverages her deep background in finance, operations, business modeling, mergers/acquisitions and lending on behalf of stations in public media.

Under Erin’s leadership, Public Media Company plans to expand its team to deepen the innovative advisory services it provides to public radio, public television, and independent producers. In addition to acquisitions, Public Media Company is actively working on a number of collaborations and strategic initiatives designed to help our clients expand services in their communities.

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