Public Media Company Announces Strategic Partnership With Triveni Digital to Develop ATSC 3.0 Solutions Serving Public Television

Public Media Company has announced plans to pursue a strategic partnership with Triveni Digital, a leading broadcast technology equipment and consulting firm, to assist the Public Media Venture Group in developing a suite of services to expand the capacity of public television stations to better serve communities using the capabilities of Next Gen TV (ATSC 3.0) and other new technologies.

This strategic partnership will enable public television to partner with a highly regarded
technology company to work directly on systems and software that address the unique needs
of public broadcasting.

In reflecting on the potential partnership, Marc Hand, Public Media Company CEO said, “We are
forging a self-reliant path for public television stations who want to explore public service and
business opportunities built on Next Generation TV. There’s a whole host of opportunities and
requirements for public television, like membership data gathering and educational services,
that we hope to pursue with a strategic alignment with Triveni Digital.”